We understand that parents will always have questions about their child attending a camp. In light of what is going on in the world today, we understand that those questions may multiply. To put your mind at ease, check out our checklist below of what your child should bring and an outline of the itinerary that your child will have ahead of them for the week ahead

    Daily Checklist

    Just like going to training or to a game, there are some essential items you need at your INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools. So don’t forget the following:

    Daily Itinerary

    09:30 Registration/Sign-in Opens
    09:55 Coaches Briefing to Participants
    10:00 Camp Kick-Off
    10:20 Skills Development
    12:00 Mini Games
    13:00 Full-Time Participants Depart


    Participants will be registered/signed in by a parent/guardian on each day of the camp. Please allow additional time for registration on Monday, queues are to be expected to allow social distancing. A traffic management plan will be implemented to ensure the process is simple to follow and allow social distancing to be adhered to as you register. You will be asked to provide your Booking Confirmation Number and confirmation that the Participant Health Declaration ( has successfully been completed on Monday (or the participant’s first day). Subsequently, the process will just require a confirmation that the child is in attendance and in a healthy condition to proceed. If the child is to leave the camp early or have alternative departure arrangements, please notify the Head Coach when signing-in.

    Coaches Briefing to Participants

    Each morning, our INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer School coaches will deliver a briefing to their training group. Our coaches will remind the participants of practicing social distancing and good hygiene measures. The coaches will also outline the specific training content of the day.

    Camp Kick-Off

    Whilst there will be excitement in the air, and we know that Rua the Fox and all of the participants have dreamed the night before about getting right into the action, it is important that each of our players warm up to get themselves prepared for a day of running around and practicing their skills. The warm-ups have been developed by our FAI Coach Education department with an emphasis on the training content that will be delivered that day.

    Skills Development

    The FAI Coach Education department have developed a specific coaching curriculum for the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools. This curriculum has been delivered to all of our coaches. The objectives of the curriculum are to maximize the individual development of the player whilst ensuring that social distancing is maintainable. Each day will have a unique skill focus to provide the participant with sessions that will enhance their overall ability.


    Although every player loves to train and practice their skills, playing games is what every player wants. To finish off each day, the participants will live the dream of a UEFA European Championship, Copa America, African Cup of Nations, Asian Cup or the FIFA World Cup, the tournaments that all players have the ambition to play in. The participants will be kept within their training pods to limit the amount of people they will come into close contact with as they compete for camp bragging rights with our coaches carefully selecting the teams each day to ensure a competitive balance.

    Full-Time – Participants Depart

    The end of the day has come and we know Rua the Fox will be tired out after his hard work throughout the day to make sure he leaves with as much new skills learned and some new friends made. The participants will be led from the camp area in a coordinated fashion so you may have to wait a couple of minutes extra than usual if your 14-year-old child’s 6-year-old sibling is also on the camp.


    Our coaches will be happy to allow any of our participants to take a brief time-out if they need to catch their breath at any time or administer any medication throughout the day. The participant will have to remain with the group whilst taking a break.

    Group Toilet breaks will be coordinated throughout the day. If at any stage, any of our younger groups need to use the toilet, the whole group will be brought just in case someone has forgotten that they also need to go. Individual toilet requests for our older groups will be coordinated so that the participant does not travel to the toilet on their own and respects social distancing. Participants will be reminded of practicing good hygiene whilst using the toilet with our coaches ready to sanitize any touch sensitive areas where required.

    With reduced hours, we will not be incorporating lunch breaks throughout the day. As it is summertime, brief water breaks will be incorporated to ensure that all coaches and participants remain hydrated throughout the day.