INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools are open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 & 14. The participant must be at least 6 years of age or no older than 14 years of age on the last day of the Summer Soccer School that they are attending.


    All INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools venues will be covered by Public Liability Insurance but not for Personal Accident. The FAI and all INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer School clubs/venues who are participating in Summer Soccer Schools do not accept any liability regarding the transmission of communicable diseases. All parents/guardians confirm that they are aware of the potential transmission of communicable diseases and are expected to adhere to the latest HSE and FAI guidelines. Parents/guardians confirm that they will not hold the FAI or the clubs/venues responsible for any potential infection that may occur. Parents/Guardians acknowledge that HSE and FAI guidelines are changing frequently, and ensure they keep up to date with revised guidelines in place.

    Fees & Discounts:

    Once the fees have been received by the FAI, a receipt will be issued to you by email. The receipt is confirmation of your/your child’s place on the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools. All bookings are required to be made online through our INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools portal to ensure parents have completed the necessary documentation.

    Additional Extra Time registrations can be made retrospectively. Availing of our Extra Time discount requires that the kit and backpack from the first camp attended must be used at the second camp also as these items will not be provided to Extra Time bookers. A second football will be provided. The Extra Time place can only be used on the same type of camp booked initially. Family discounts apply to the second, third and fourth child on a booking when made with a full price registration for the first child. Family discounts apply to registrations made at the same time within the same booking and cannot be applied retrospectively.


    Vouchers can only be redeemed at the time of making the first booking. They cannot be used retrospectively or when adding additional registrations to a booking such as an “Extra Time” place. A limit of one voucher per Child applies. Vouchers are only deductible towards the base price of a single registration and cannot be applied against any additional products or costs. Please refer to your promotional voucher for the expiry date and any additional terms or conditions. Vouchers have a cash value of €0.001 and are not transferable or assignable. The FAI reserves the right to cancel vouchers at any time.

    Medical Assistance:

    The information provided is used to help us make sure that your child gets the camp experience they deserve and has a fantastic week of football. The FAI will not permit any child to participate in the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools Programme without a medical consent form completed by their parent(s)/guardian(s). By signing up to the programme you give your permission to allow your child to be given medical treatment either by way of first aid by a suitably qualified person or by a doctor. You also consent to your child being taken to a doctor or hospital in case of emergency. With child safety and welfare at the forefront, the FAI reserve the right to refuse an applicant based on the medical information provided. All INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools Head coaches are qualified first aiders and are trained to administer Epipen in an emergency anaphylaxis situation. They are not however trained or responsible to administer any other medications or monitor other medical conditions. Camp participants with medical conditions must be capable of self-monitoring and self-administering unless accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the week. If there is any change to the medical information you provided on your application form you must inform us prior to your Summer Soccer School.

    Children with Additional needs:

    As above, the information we receive will help us make sure that your child has a fantastic week with us and gets the camp experience they deserve. In the unfortunate event that a disability cannot be accommodated in a safe and secure environment, the FAI reserve the right to decline an applicant. However, the FAI will try to accommodate these participants in other Football For All camps. Where deemed necessary, the FAI will endeavour to provide a support coach to ensure that children with additional needs are accommodated. The cost of the support coach will be covered by the FAI for a period of one week, should such assistance be required for the same child in a subsequent week, the cost of same will be borne by the parent/guardian. The FAI may contact you in advance of any camp in order to assess the level of assistance required.

    Covid 19 Compliance Officer

    A FAI COVID-19 camp compliance officer will be assigned to all camps. This person’s role will be to attend and observe the camps, keep a record of all attendees at all sessions for contact tracing purposes and to liaise with Coaches regarding the processes and procedures around the club facilities and training sessions content. This person will be familiar with the Government, Department of Health and Public Health Policies in relation to COVID-19.


    All coaches on the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools have been Garda Vetted through the FAI, and have completed at a minimum a Sport Ireland Safeguarding 1 Basic Awareness Course and either a FAI PDP1, PDP2 or PDP3 coaching course or FIFA member equivalent coaching course. The minimum age of a Coach is 16 years of age. In some circumstances, a 16 – 17 year old coach may have responsibility for a group of participants with a series of measures put in place by the Head Coach to ensure the enjoyment of all participants and coaches in a safe environment. Please see the Coaching Policy for more detailed information on coaching at the NTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools.

    Damages/Injuries/Loss of Possessions:

    The INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools are staffed by accredited FAI Coaches appointed by the host venue who will implement the highest safety measures. The FAI will not be held responsible for damages, injuries or loss of possessions. We strongly recommend that all valuables be left at home.


    Participants must follow the instructions of the coaching staff in charge. Misbehaviour or bullying and discriminatory behaviour that breaches our policies (see Section 3 Regulation 11 Anti-Discrimination Policy for Football FAI Hand Book), may result in the participant being dismissed from the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer School and may result in the termination of participation for the full camp. In the event of such dismissal or terminationany fees paid will not be refunded. In the interest of safety, participants are not permitted to leave the Summer Soccer School Programme during the coaching session times without the written consent of a parent/guardian. If a child is dismissed from their Summer Soccer School, their parent/guardian will be contacted immediately and appropriate arrangements for the collection of the child will be made should the participant not have parental consent to travel to and from the venue. Incidents of poor conduct will be documented and a copy of the incident report shall be made available to all subjects concerned.

    Participant Health Declaration

    All participants are required to complete a COVID-19 Health Declaration via the online booking platform within 48 hours of their camp commencing. Participants who do not complete a Health Declaration shall not be admitted to the camp. The FAI reserves the right to refuse admission to any participant based on the responses provided on that participant’s Health Declaration.

    Playing Attire:

    All participants should present in their own training gear on the first day of the camp. An Official 2021 INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools playing kit will be provided to all parents/guardians on the first day of the camp. Participants must wear the official 2021 INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools playing kit for the remaining four days of the camp.

    General Information:

    The FAI Local Venue Coordinator and Head Coach are responsible to the FAI for all activities for the duration of the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools Programme at their local venue. The FAI Head Coach in charge will manage all coaching activities during the Soccer School period in their venue.

    Data Policy

    The FAI requires certain personal data belonging to a child for the purposes of that child being able to participate in an INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools camp. For your convenience, we will retain all data inputted by you while completing your Profile and Child Details from the time of entry up until the time the child passes the maximum age for the programme. This is for your convenience if or when you choose to use your profile to book on to future camps, alternatively you would be required to set up a new profile every year if/when looking to book a camp. You can decide to have this data deleted at any time by simply contacting [email protected] At such time the data can be deleted at the end of the current programme that the child is participating in. The FAI handles personal data in compliance with the relevant Data Protection legislation and shall have a third party data processor acting on its behalf with respect to the delivery of the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools booking system. For further information on how we handle personal data please see our privacy statement:

    FAI Privacy Policy

    Photographic or Video Permission:

    Please tick the box provided at the time of booking if you consent to the use of photographic or video material captured by the FAI and FAI-approved multimedia personnel. This will only be used by the FAI and FAI-approved multimedia personnel for promotional purposes for FAI programmes, including the Summer Soccer Schools and its title sponsor, INTERSPORT Elverys. If the participating child is under a court order or is in care of the HSE the parent/guardian must advise the FAI of this in writing before the commencement of the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools.

    Mobile Devices:

    There are no mobile devices permitted at the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools and use of same is not permissible. There is no responsibility on the FAI for their safe keeping and so it is strongly advised that devices are kept at home.


    The FAI shall not be accountable should the INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools programme activities be suspended or cancelled due to adverse weather. In cases where the weather has affected the condition of the playing surface or is deemed so bad that coaching activities have to be suspended, the FAI will contact the parent or guardian to advise them of the suspension of coaching activities if necessary. It will then be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make arrangements to collect their child immediately. The coaching staff will supervise all children until they have been collected.

    Cancellations & Camp Transfers:

    All cancellations must be notified via the online booking platform by submitting a cancellation case. Cancellations that are requested more than seven days before the camp start date will receive a refund, however, will carry a €10 cancellation fee. Cancellation requests received less than seven days prior to camp start date will not be eligible for any refund but participants will be able to collect their kit, football and backpack from their chosen camp. In the unlikely event that inclement weather forces the cancellation of the full week’s activities a full refund will be issued. If inclement weather causes only partial cancellation of the week, no refund will be issued. The FAI must be notified of any refund queries before Monday 6th September 2021.

    In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to facilitate a transfer of booking(s) to alternative dates/venues. Please note, while we will make every effort to accommodate such requests, we cannot guarantee it will always be possible. If you wish to transfer a booking you must raise a case on the booking platform at least seven days prior to the start date of the original booking. Transfer requests made less than seven days prior to the camps start date will not be accepted. Venue and date changes may be facilitated, but substitution of participants is not allowed.

    In the event of a cancellation due to a participant being advised by Public Health authorities to either restrict or self-isolate their movements during the camp period, the FAI will facilitate the participant to transfer to an alternative camp subject to the participant no longer having to restrict or self-isolate for the alternative camp period. If there is no suitable camp for the participant to transfer to, the FAI will provide a full refund for the cash payment received from the participant.

    Corporate Social Responsibility:

    All INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools kits, footballs and backpacks are Umbro branded. Umbro’s code of ethics known as the Code of Conduct is based on the ETI Base Code which reflects relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions. Umbro is an active member of FAIR Labour Association (FLA) and World Sporting Goods Federation Industry (WSGF) who both recognise ETI base code as a code of standard. Umbro have a strategic planned monitoring and remediation programme which complies with FLA requirements across its global supply base which include the use of an internal monitoring team, nominated external auditors (Bureau Veritas) and LA Independent announced and unannounced auditing.