• Your Lunchbox

    In order to ensure your child has the energy to play at their

    INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer Schools, we have some handy tips for breakfast and lunch!

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreakfast time!

    A good breakfast is essential for any footballer – it’s what keeps you going throughout the morning games and skill sessions! Here are some ideas of what to have the morning of the camp:

    Don’t forget to bring your lunchbox to your INTERSPORT Elverys FAI Summer Soccer School. You need to keep your energy up in the afternoon, so here are some ideas of what to bring each day:

    Try eating different breads each day, such as pitta, bagels and wholemeal

    Opting for the wholegrain/wholemeal versions will keep you fuller for longer

    Milk and other dairy produce are a great source of protein and calcium which is needed for strong bones! Milk is also a great recovery drink for top athletes. We should aim for 3 portions of dairy a day e.g. milk in your cereal at breakfast, a pot of yogurt at lunch and a glass of milk or cheese on your pasta at dinner

    You’ll need water throughout the day, so make sure you bring plenty with you! Avoid bringing sugary or fizzy drinks, they are not good for your teeth! Sugar free squash is useful for adding some flavour